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Our New Herb Garden

We are thrilled to introduce a fresh addition to The Nest, our esteemed restaurant and bar – a brand-new herb garden nestled beside our all-weather terrace. This has been meticulously crafted by none other than Jody Lidgard, a Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner. 

These thoughtfully planted herbs are destined to elevate the culinary experience at The Nest, infusing our dishes with an unparalleled burst of freshness and vibrancy. Lavender, Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Mint, and an array of other essential herbs now grace our garden, harmonising perfectly with our delectable menus. Our sense of pride stems from their organic, in-house cultivation, a guarantee of the utmost freshness delivered to our cherished guests. 

In collaboration with Jody Lidgard’s expertise, we have also welcomed Honeysuckle, Roses, Lupins, and Alliums into this botanical symphony. These additions, carefully chosen, play a vital role in sustaining our tireless allies – the bees. Aligned with our commitment to re-wilding and the preservation of the natural environment of our luxurious lodge park

 Lavish Lavender offers a delicate floral note to both the palate and the garden, while aromatic Thyme infuses our creations with a dash of earthy elegance. The robust presence of Basil and the woody aroma of Rosemary blend seamlessly, creating a symphony of flavours that dance from plate to palate. And who could forget the invigorating essence of Mint, a testament to the garden’s liveliness and the culinary artistry of The Nest. 

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